Best IPTV Set Top Boxes 2020

There is a huge amount to consider when choosing the perfect IPTV box for your needs. We take a look at all of the main players and the boxes they have on offer. From the ever reliable Mag box by Infomir to the feature rich Formuler Z7+. Our top 3 boxes below have been tested with all of our Best IPTV service providers.

1. MAG box by Informir – Best box for IPTV April 2020

People regularly question why we always have the MAG box at the top of the pile when it comes to the best set top boxes available and our answer is simple. Infomirs MAG box is the best because:

  • Reliability – If you purchase a genuine MAG box, thats a MAG 254, 256, 322 or the latest 420 you are guaranteed a box that will stand the test of time. We still use the MAG 256 to carry out all of our tests and we have no intention of changing anytime soon.
  • Setup –  There is no downloading apps or installing difficult to use software. Simply send your IPTV provider your mac address( which is on a sticker on the box), enter their portal (server) details which is usually some thing like and your live. You can be up and running in 5 mins.
  • Ease of use – There is a very small learning curve with a MAG box. Turn the box on and away you go. The EPG (electronic program guide) is similar to that you would find on any cable or satellite service and your video-on-demand catalogue is right there in the menu.
  • Compatibility – They are compatible with all of the best IPTV subscription service providers listed on this site. If you are choosing a provider not listed here then be sure to ask about MAG support before signing up.

There is a case to be made for some of the Best Android Boxes on the market, but in this IPTV enthusiasts opinion, the overall performance of a MAG cannot be beaten for IPTV.

**Update the all new MAG 425 is out now. Infomir’s new flagship Android TV device. We will be reviewing in the coming days**

The Verdict

We recommend the MAG 322 for anyone wishing to purchase. The newer 420 is available but we don’t believe the spec is a bigger enough jump to warrant the extra cost.

They are available on Amazon (link below) That is an affiliate link and we do ask people to click that link if they are intending to purchase this device. It helps us to fund the website so that we can continue to provide unbiased reviews.


2. Formuler Z8 – Best Android box April 2020

Formuler z8 hero

For anyone that is new to IPTV and streaming in general , when it comes to the best set top boxes Formuler have been one of the powerhouses for a number of years. Their Z7 and Z7+ boxes changed the game. At their core they are high spec Android Boxes but with their own native app called MyTVOnline bringing together the best the MAG box offers and the additional features and apps available on your traditional Android box.

The Verdict

3. Amazon Fire TV Cube and Sticks – Best value IPTV box April 2020

Amazon FireTV Hero

It’s very hard to have a list of the best set top boxes (STBs) and not include the Fire TV by Amazon. We know that technically the Fire TV Sticks were not a “set-top box” and we always get the usual comments “Its not a STB” and “You can’t have a Fire TV stick as a STB” but lets face it it does the exact same thing as a STB and a lot better than most of the trash out there… it just doest sit on top it plugs directly into the HDMI.. and what about the TV Cube.. that is most definitely a STB!

So do we love the Amazon Fire TV Cube and Sticks?

  • Price – It simply cannot be beaten on price. By far the cheapest option on our list but by no means is it reflected in the performance.
  • Ease of use – OK so you have to create an Amazon account to be able to download apps in the app store but who doesn’t have an Amazon account already? After that it’s smooth sailing. You can install additional apps via the app store.
  • Compatibility – Yes, the vast majority of IPTV service providers support FireTV Cube and Sticks. Some may require you to install their own app. Be warned!! This can sometimes get a little complicated.
  • Performance & Spec – Both the Fire TV sticks come with 8gb of space which doesn’t sound like much but if you are just using it for streaming and not installing lots of apps you should have more than enough room while the Fire TV Cube comes with a more impressive 16gb. 1.5GHz processor compared to the 1.3GHz in the stick but to be honest for the average streamer the difference in minimal. The The biggest difference for me is the addition on 4k streaming which is only available in the FireTV. Will that be enough to pay the extra??

The Verdict

While the more Impressive TV Cube is tempting Im going to recommend the 4k Fire TV stick. It simply cannot be beaten at that price!